Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The best of 3 worlds

I have personally had a very broad experience with education. I have been homeschooled, attended both private and public school, homeschooled my own children, and even been a teacher and an administrator in private schools. What I have found is that there are difficulties with all these avenues of education. Here are a few:

1. Parent involvement - Schools everywhere bemoan the fact that too many parents are not involved in their child's education.

2. Money - Most people expect private schools to provide their child with everything the public school does and more. Schools create a huge dilemma the day they start as they do not charge each family what it costs to educate each child. This can cause private schools to allow students to enroll that the school and staff are not really suited to serve. It also creates the need to hire teachers they ideally would not - all due to a lack of funds.

3. Accountability - Many homeschoolers are doing a great job. Mom is organized and driven and dad supports mom. Homeschool groups abound and many resources are available. Many/some homeschool parents are insecure. They did not have a very good education themselves and they wonder if they can educate their children in spite of that.

These are three of the biggest obstacles that Logos Charter School seeks to overcome. Although we understand that parents are the primary agents of educating their child, we will provide funds to purchase educational supplies and resources. We will offer on-site classes for the subjects that are more challenging to do in home environment. We also will provide help and encouragement for parents as they develop a year-long program. LCS will support and motivate them along the way.


  1. Does Logos provide a way for parents to secure technology equipment they could not otherwise afford?

  2. Yes, each student gets a $1,000 allotment that they can use to purchase resources to educate their children. For technology, we would lease them technology equipment from their allotment.