Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small class size

Is there a bigger buzz word in all of education than small class size?

In college pamphlets and websites everywhere you can find the code: "15 to 1 student to teacher ratio." We all understand that to be an average as there are 120 in most freshman courses - especially at a public university.

I have actually had parents boast to me that there are ONLY 22 in their child's 3rd grade class. We don't have to think very long before two obvious questions arise. What about the advanced students who grasp the lesson or master the material? "We have them tutor the other students!" is often the reply. Then they make it sound like this is a great opportunity for the children who are doing the tutoring. Rather than moving on and excelling in the subject, the more advanced children become free tutors for the struggling students.

This brings up the second question. What about the students who are struggling? "They are being tutored by a peer." Is that what you want for your child? Tutoring from an eight-year-old who may or may not know what they are talking about?

Logos Charter School provides a teacher-student ratio of roughly two teachers for every three students depending on your family size. Qualified, adult instructors, (one of whom is the parent) as well as a full-time teacher meet with each family regularly to help, encourage, guide and provide whatever services the child needs. If the child masters a concept, he moves on to the next. If a child struggles in any area, the teacher can review and wait for the child to grasp what it is he needs to know. If the problem persists, the teacher from LCS can offer suggestions to the parent as well as professional tutoring options that may be as simple as new computer software or even an on-site class with a trained teacher.

LCS is a school for advanced students struggling students and LCS is a school for every student in between AND We have a student to teacher ratio that is unmatched anywhere.

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