Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meeting with School Board

Our group met with the directors of the Medford School Board last night. They seem to have carefully gone over our application and each had a number of questions and concerns. Over the next couple of days, we are going to seek to answer each of their questions and respond to them accordingly. We are planning on having LCS on the agenda for an open session at the April 6th board meeting.

As you can all well imagine, Charter schools & home schools are a hot topic in education today and the board wants to be careful which is commendable and understandable. I wrote down a quote by Susan Castillo the Superintendent of public instruction for the state of Oregon delivered at the Charter School conference I attended recently. She said, "Innovation and new models always cause controversy." As an institution of education in Oregon, we desire to hold our students, staff, and families to high standards and we expect to be held to a high standard by others. We will be posting information concerning the open session on April 6 and how you can make your voice known in the next few days.

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