Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost There!

I just wanted to give you the most recent update concerning Logos Public Charter School.
We have successfully negotiated a contract with Medford Schools.
All that remains is for the board to sign on the dotted line at their next board meeting on the first of June.
Currently, we are looking at a building where we will reside. We are considering the building currently being used by the
Madrone Trail Charter School as they are moving to a new location.
We have over 40 applications that we are going over for Teachers which we will call Education Specialists (ES). If you know of
any prospective teachers with the minimum of a Bachelor degree, have them look at our ad on Craigslist. We are hiring both part time
and full time. At last count, our enrollment was at 147. The school district made us put a cap on enrollment at 300 so if you have not
pre-enrolled or you know of interested families please let them know.
We will be offering classes on site, and the classes we offer will be determined by what classes you are interested in as well as our desire
to have each of our teachers teach a class in their area of passion. There will be many other enrichment classes available to you and more
information on them in the days to come. After the MSD signs our contract, I will send out an e-mail to you of important dates including Open
Houses, start of school, etc.
We have finalized our allotment amounts to be made available to each student. For Kindergarten- $500
First - 8th grade will receive $750 and 9-12th graders $1,000. This is based on a student who is with us through the whole school year
and is pro-rated if you enter later in the year. Information will be provided in just exactly how this works at our first open house in June.
I will let you know the date soon as we are still securing a facility.
We are very excited and look forward to serving you in the very near future. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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